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Young America and its Vices

Beer. McDonalds. Starbucks.  Millennials have plenty of not-so-healthy, great-tasting options, but where do they choose to put their money?

One of the greatest things about our country is the plethora of great-but-not-great-for-you options. From carb-loaded amber ales to Venti Frappucinos to the Crunchwrap Supreme, we took a look at anonymous data from January - June in 2014 to see where the Millennial generation likes to spend.  

What we found is that the frequency of “vice” spending and, by extension, how much money is spent is most dependent on the region in which they live. Additionally, the brand loyalties of Millennials are shifting slightly from the brand loyalties of previous generations.

Access the complete report here and the infographic here.


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